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Dell EDG

Dell EDG Next Gen


Principal Design Engineer - Experience Design Group


The Experience Design Group sets the standards for all Dell sub-brands

Within EDG, our small team was responsible for researching, experimenting and developing the next generation of products and family languages.

As a principal design engineer for EDG Next Gen my responsibilities included...

  • tearing down and analyzing competitor products

  • trend forcasting with outside experts

  • generating original concepts to support the design director's strategies

  • exploring new materials and processes with vendors like Flex and Pegatron

  • preparing executive-level presentations

  • working directly with model shops to create high fidelity visual models to present concepts to executives


While working in Next Gen I was repeatedly selected for annual future vision exercises. 

When Intel and Dell launched an accellerated development group within Next Gen called Special Vehicles, I was chosen as a lead designer. 


Concepts were developed to be on-brand and highly competative.


Every detail of visual models was held to the highest standards.


Onsite rapid prototyping facilities allowed us to iterate on a daily basis. 


While many of the products I worked on at EDG are already being shipped by the millions...


... other more exploratory projects are still confidential.