Creative Director - Principal Designer


Momentum is a new brand in the IoT market. The first line of products we developed for the client was a family of security cameras.

To form a cohesive product line, we created a brand form language and material palette. The core of the language is derived from primitives like spheres and cubes. The constraint of black IR transparent plastic for functionality motivated the choice of stark white as a contrasting material.

Do to the low entry point required by the client’s business model, we had to persistently advocate for every design choice.

The first of these cameras will appear on shelves across the US this August.


The Momentum family consists of a video doorbell, an indoor 1080p camera and an outdoor battery camera.


To expand appeal to the child monitor market we added a few extra pieces in the box.

For the outdoor camera we focused on reducing it to the simplest form possible to help it blend into a wide array of architectures.


As the only member of the family that you might touch, the video door bell was reduced to the most basic forms nessasary to communicate its function.