STRAD Personal Communicator

The STRAD Personal Communicator born from a desire to find a deeper, more intimate way for people to interact with the increasingly intelligent network of devices and services surrounding us all; something intuitive, and of real value. That’s why we designed the STRAD Personal Communicator. It’s our ambition to enable a meaningful dialog between people and the technology around them.


The STRAD Personal Communicator is a unique wearable device which wirelessly relays your spoken commands to your voice-enabled smartphone, and relays your phone's response back to you in a loud and clear voice. The Communicator is more than just a communication device. With third party app integration, it has potential applications in the fields of medicine, fitness, home automation, accessibility, authentication and interior location tracking.


This was originally a pet project of mine inspired by the always-listening technology incorporated into Google's X phones. The X phone feature was wonderful… if it could hear you, and if you could hear it. But most people carry their phones in their pockets or bags. I gathered a small group of tech professionals around the idea and we began to develop the idea into a product.